The area


Lisbon at 70km: capital city

Atlantic ocean at 30km

Peniche at 50km: beach

Peniche: is Portugal’s largest fishing port and the industry dominates the town. It is great to take a walk along the sea wall before repairing to one of the many harbour-side restaurants for fresh fish cooked on a barbecue at the roadside. You won’t believe the price either.

Praia del Rei ( Obidos) at 44 km: beach and town

 Obidos: A well preserved medieval town and is without doubt one of Portugal’s most classic walled settlements. The residential area has narrow cobblestone streets, whitewashed houses and terracotta roofs. The shops are piled high with local handicrafts, while in spring the town is ablaze with geraniums, morning glories and bougainvillae.

Caldas Da Rainha at 30km: beach

Caldas da Rainha: means “the queen’s baths” and was christened thus when Queen Dona Leonora came across locals, bathing in the mud at the side of the road as to cure their ailments. She became convinced of the therapeutic qualities of the local waters and founded what is now the oldest thermal hospital in the world. The park acted as a walkway for patients at the spa hospital. The weeping willows, palm trees, statues and ornamental ponds give the park a fresh and charming appeal. 

Tomar at 80km (1u drive): World Heritage Sites

Tomar: is a beautiful city steeped in the fascinating history of the Templar movement. The city was gifted to the Templar movement in 1159 and formed the headquarters of the movement until its dissolution in 1314 when its successor, the Order of Christ, was relocated to the south of the country to protect the Algarvian coast. The impressive Covento do Cristo dominates the city and speaks volumes to this day of the power of the Templar movement

Sintra at 100km: World Heritage Sites :

Fatima at 74 km: pilgrimage

Fatima: One of the most important Marian centres of pilgrimage in the catholic world. Worthwhile visiting are the Basilica and Capelinha das Aparições. The famous sanctuary of Fátima attracts thousands of pilgrims each year, especially on the 13th of May and the 13th of October, to celebrate the appearances of the Virgin Mary to three shepherd children

Alcobaça at 30km: World Heritage Sites

Alcobaça: A town dominated by its 12th-century abbey. The restored monument houses the ornate tombs of Dom Pedro and Inês de Castro, the star-crossed lovers whom legend treats as the Romeo and Juliet of Portugal. Inside, visitors will find the exquisite Cloister of Silence.

Batalha: is a town in the District of Leiria, Pinhal Litoral subregion, Centre region, that was founded by King D. João I of Portugal. The most important site of the town is the Monastery of Batalha built to commemorate the victory of the Portuguese over the Castilians at the battle of Aljubarrota in 1385. Its Royal Cloister. It is a real masterpiece with an original, national Gothic style, profoundly influenced by Manueline art.

Santarém at 24 km: supermarkets

Rio Maior op 14km : supermarkets, Salinas

Swimming pool at Santarem

Swimming pool

open from june till the end of august, closed on monday

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