Vila da Belgaleira   

Vila da Belgaleira:

This house is situated on 70km north of lisbon in a rural town Vila da Marmeleira.  In this village al lot of Portuguese working in Lisbon are comming during the summer to the village to have a holiday.  Vila da Marmeleira has an outdoor swimming pool for children and adults with a charming bar with terras.  There is also a restaurant, a café and a little shop in te village.

The house fits for 12 people. There are 5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and a lot of space outside.

In the area you have a lot of world heritage sites you can visit.

Public swimming pool


Rua Antonio Lopes Valente n°7

2040-158 Vila da Marmeleira (Rio Maior)








 extra energy  20€pp/week

cleaning: 75€/ 6pers  90€/8pers   120€/10pers  150€/14pers

inclusive towels and sheets, water/electricity

Pool towels should be brought by yourself

domestic animals you have to ask

send us an email:

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